Business partner being allegedly accused of sexual harassment

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    Moderators, please feel free to move this thread as needed. I had a hard time finding the right forum, however, I think this one is it.

    I need some non-bias advice. That's why I am here. I have gotten input from the all affected parties, but of course everyone seems to be making an emotional decision and ends up siding with their favorite party. So I need help from strangers. This is what is going on:

    I have been friends with Mr. Red for a very long time. Mr Red runs a very reputable and successful athletic organization. I run a Web Marketing business. I decided to sponsor some of his athletes in exchange for endorsements and marketing. But very recently, his partner, Mr Blue, is attempting to cut him out of their partnership. Mr Red, decided to agree to be bought out and he started his own thing.

    The reason why Mr. Blue wanted to break the partnership is because four women athletes came forward claiming they were touched inappropriately. Not exactly on a sexual part, but very close, while Mr Red was helping them stretch. I contacted Mr Blue because I am concerned as to whether I should continue to sponsor Mr Red or break away as well. Mr Blue, described his side of the story very passionately, yet he did not release the victim's names or any real evidence against Mr Red.

    I confronted Mr Red, and he also denied all accusations, claiming Mr Blue was using a dark part of his past against him because it would make it believable. I asked Mr Red what is this past he's referring to about. He mentioned, his exwife claimed Mr Red had sexually molested their daughter. The police was involved, cases were open. All was dismissed and Mr Red was cleared. Even the daughter denied the accusations.

    I don't want to make a decision based on my friendship with Mr Red. But I really think that if Mr Blue had a case, he should be able to provide evidence.

    I spoke with other people from the organization. Mr Black ( a coach) and Mr White ( a student ).

    Mr Black is siding with Mr Blue and saying he had NCIC records of Mr Red which shows that there are open files against him on sexual molestation and that he is being investigated. I asked Mr Black for this report he has, he changed his story to not having it but he did see it and he was going to look for it and send it to me. I have received nothing.

    Mr White, the student, claims Mr Red has done it before and is guilty. But Mr White is dating Mr Blue's daughter.....hmmmm....

    I spoke to Mr Red's daughters and wife and they are appalled by this and do not believe Mr Red would do such thing. Mr Red is hardly ever alone with any athlete, what are the chances the one time he was alone, he did something to four anonymous women?

    What do you think?

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