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    We at Business Advice Forums, would like to make this forum a better way to help fellow users read and find news relating to either the business world, or the world in general, and have decided to come up with the following Rules and Guidelines that we want you to follow, in relation to posting news relating to business, or the world in general.

    1. All topics made, are required to link to a business or world news article. If it links to anything else that doesn't relate to a business updating something, releasing a new product, or a world event that just happened, we will remove the topic, and give you a personal infraction.
    2. If you are going to post a snippet from a news article, you are REQUIRED to add a link back to the article. Why? Because it helps to validate what you just quoted.
    3. We require you to put the part of the news story you are quoting, in [quote ][/quote] tags (without the space). This helps separate your opinion, from the actual quoted portion.
    4. If you are going to comment, please provide a coherent thought, and do your BEST to be readable.
    5. Do not comment with short thoughts, like "This sucks!" or "I don't like this!" because it wouldn't help with potential discussion if you don't provide a good opinion or comment on what you are quoting.

    Guidelines in this board are not rules per-say, but we would like you to follow as closely to them as possible, so that it helps with our user experience.
    1. We would like you to provide a little bit of your own opinion below the quoted portion of the article, so that discussion can be properly made on it.
    2. Please continue to discuss the article subject as long as you can, this will help bring more quality activity to our forum.
    3. If you have an issue with something quoted, please PM one of the moderation or administration, to help solve the issue if needed.

    Copyright and Source Citing
    1. Due to copyright issues and general confusion it is now advised that quoting large sections of someone else's work, news, etc. is not permitted here.
      Please provide a link to the article and if need be a brief extract of that story.

    2. Any thread that purports to be based on historical fact yet has no widely known information or has no credible sources will be considered spam and locked. This will mean that they are locked after a page or less of replies if there is no sources or credibility provided.
    An example of a post that follows these rules can be found here.
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