Backing up your Wordpress blog - don't make this mistake I did!

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    WordPress blogs are designed to make jobs like backing up oh-so-easy.

    Sure you can do it manually, but with Wordpress there is a plugin for everything, including backups. Just one more reason to love WordPress.

    Now I might not backup everything else, but since I had installed the most popular backup plugin of all time, WP-DB-Backup, I thought I was safe … EXCEPT … recently I got a shock.

    All my back-up work was going to waste!

    I was backing up the WORDS on my blog, but NOTHING ELSE!

    What I didn’t know is that WordPress has two different parts it needs to restore from a backup. There is the database which is the posts, content and statistics, but there is also the site plugins, themes, settings and all those tweaks I spent so long to get right.

    Who knew? Well, not me, that’s for sure.

    If my site had gone down my backups would have given me all my posts, but left me with a plain vanilla blog I would have had to rebuild and retweak from scratch.

    Hours upon hours of work to do.

    Scary, scary stuff.

    So after alot of researching I came up with a my checklist of what you need for backing up your blog. It must...

    -- Backup the entire blog, meaning the database AND the site itself (not just one or other)
    -- Run automatic scheduled backups as well as immediate ones (VITAL),
    -- Be stable and keep updated with the latest WP versions.
    -- Have support from the author and/or a good forum (very important when you come to restoring your precious site and run into the inevitable techie-type problems.)
    -- Require as little technical expertise and tweaking as possible. No setting up cron jobs, changing to CHMOD to 777, or FTPing, please.
    -- Backup somewhere other than on the site, so that if the site goes down your backup isn’t taken with it.
    -- Not cost anything.

    I wish I could have come up with THE ONE SOLUTION, but unfortunately it wasn't anywhere as easy as that, but in second part of this article I reveal the 3 best options I could find.

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