Apple iPhone 6: Possible Expectations from Web Research Analyst's View

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    Gene Munster is a managing director and senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray, specializing in Internet.
    As per his analysis and estimations Apple Iphone price target to $120 from $105.

    Gene Munster is expecting the following features in the Apple Iphone 6s:

    Screen size will be large with 4.7-inch in new iPhone 6
    Camera quality and pixels will be improved
    Introducing a competition ot Samsung Galaxy Note with 5.5 inch screen
    It could have 64 GB phone memory
    iPhone 6 will introduce 'Mobile Wallet Payment System'
    Like Samsung wrist watch, Apple also planning to introduce the same
    Overall 'mobile wallet' can play a vital role in this version

    Despite all this, last year Apples iPhone sales reached 9 million, it seems tough to cross the record this year.

    In the customer's view, there is a craze and demand for the iPhones in the market still.

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