Any laws protecting extortion via trademark/patents?

Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by geneiusxie, Sep 29, 2014.

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    Could a company be protected by ridiculous patent trolls charging much more then the actual value of the patents?

    Or if Apple got sued by some random entity (a troll perhaps) for 50% of their profits on that device because it turns out they had some vague patent like maybe a patent on a rectangle with rounded corners, or something nonessential to the working of the device like putting the speaker next to the headphone jack for no benefit. Since Apple already made and sold quite a few devices, they couldn't really negotiate the price or work around the patents and would be forced to either pay up or challenge the patent.

    Obviously, that would be terrible news for that legitimate company unless they could take that to a jury and make the reasonable claim that that patent isn't actually worth that much and agrees to pay out only 1% of their profits.

    Or consider a recent case where a patent troll tried to extort people using wifi routers:

    Another question is how did Apple get away with that 2.5 billion dollar lawsuit against Samsung a while ago for those simple patents

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