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    I know many people have said this over and over again, but it is VERY IMPORTANT!


    But HOW??!! Do We Achieve Value As High As The People That WE Look Up To Is The Question!

    I Will Try To Bring Light To This!

    1) A Great Tip I Got From Darren Of Problogger Is To Write Like No One's Reading Your Posts! Let the sole aspect of passion drive your influence to write amazingly! It will help remind you that you can enjoy what you are doing and are not just putting "stuff up there" for others!

    2) Write For "Someone Else" - NOT LITERALLY! I mean pretend that you are going to guest post each of your posts to a website of the highest authority in your niche! Yea! You will probably review your work quite a few more times to make it look as professional and perfect as possible!

    One of the key factors of high success is content! When people like your content, they will share it with others! Just by creating absolutely amazing content, you will gain free backlinks from others. Amazing content is meant to go VIRAL! There you have it, unique valuable AMAZING content is good to go viral, is good for SEO, and more!

    Also, many more people would subscribe to your blog!

    Review the benefits of good amazing valuable content!

    1) more subscribers
    2) recurring visitors
    3) higher SEO
    4) more backlinks as people share - viral content
    5) more traffic - goes slightly along with seo

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