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    Reciprocal linking? Is it or isnt it a good way to go about increasing the number of relevant backlinks to your wbsite?

    I have decided that article writing is not the way to go for link building(especially after the latest google release and downgrading of sites like Ezine).

    So Im thinking about contacting 100's of blogs to see if they will do a guest blogging exchange. I would prefer this to just having a links page because

    1. You get new fresh content for your site
    2. link within an article is more powerful than a links page

    Has anyone here have any expereince in trying to find guest blogs to write on/exchange links with?

    I'd love to hear some advice from BAV memebers on whats the best and most efficient way to go about this strategy and do you think it is worth doing?


    Has anyone ever tried this website http://www dot gotlinks dot com/?? Will google look unfavourably on this and do links pages actually work?
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