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Discussion in 'Starting a Business' started by mr_elk, Feb 25, 2014.

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    I’d like to hear your opinion about a potential startup setup. We have started working on a B2C web startup in the banking area. We are 3 people: 1 CEO (responsible for vision), 1 CPO (responsible for product and how features work) and 1 CTO (responsible for programming).
    The CEO is responsible for everything around the strategic part of the product, coming up with alternative MVPs/new features, pitching the product, everything related to legal topics, finance and HR. The CPO is more responsible for the operations part of the product: investigate how a feature must work, shaping the algorithm from a "research point of view", which data is needed (we need to have a data feed), coming up with metrics to measure progress and conducting customer feedbacks together with CEO. The CTO is responsible for making the implementation happen and implementing the algorithms. He defines the technical architecture we use for implementation. Here someone is needed who is really good in the tech part, i.e. someone who really knows how to set up the development part for such a project.
    The CEO and CPO have worked on the startup for 5 months (CEO fulltime, CPO part-time + whole salary from his job) and recruited the CTO now. All 3 are supposed to found the company within the next 2 months.
    We are now thinking about a potential setup which makes sense. One option we are discussing is that the CEO and CTO work full-time on the product while the CPO continues working half-time on the startup for the next couple of months and routes his whole salary to the startup. The advantage is that we are financially covered for a much longer time. Although the CPO has most knowledge of algorithms needed it is probably not highly critical in the early MVP phase if he can only contribute his knowledge part-time. For MVP iterations this is manageable. Once there is more track on the product and the extra cash contribution is not that important anymore the CPO would start to work full-time on the startup.
    I’m wondering in general if such a setup makes sense. Do you have any experiences with a similar setup? Does it make sense to have higher flexibility in this way? Or does it introduce more complications, e.g. when contacting VCs or when deciding about pivots?
    It would be great to hear other opinions about this topic and what you suggest in this situation. I'm happy to share more insights if needed.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

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