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Discussion in 'Starting a Business' started by iggypop, Sep 28, 2013.

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    May 7, 2013
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    Hey everyone so this is kind of long but in a nutshell let me know if you think my new start-up idea is feasible ?

    Hello everyone well this is basically an innovative new start-up business that has been 2 years in the making and I truly believe many people will benefit from it(it's free) Yisly.It was created due to our frustration with other social sites is it me or have you noticed that in order to get anywhere marketing on social sites that you essentially have to focus on getting friends,more friends and then hope they share your content which leads to disappointment sound familiar? This is some of the things that this new website has that no one else is doing

    This is a social site with a huge twist... instead of friends this site operates on Radius/Zip-code every single zip-code in America is saved in the database along with very precise measurements to calculate radius, if you want to check for yours then go to the center of the page and put your zip-code in the Try It Out box Yisly .
    Confused ? Its simple if you put your zip-code in the Try It Out box then you seen the radius map pop-up that's a virtual market your inside that red radius circle and everyone inside that same circle can view whatever you write whether it's a status comment,article,listing,marketing your site,local services or event depending on where you live there could be as many as 100,000 or more people viewing your section. You can easily toggle between any city in the united states whether large or small.
    This website will go far beyond just marketing it will be a place were people can share captivating pictures,events,breaking news,local issues,business idea's and the such. A brand new thing were working on is local mobile alerts for services if for example your a plumber in Dallas and want to receive free leads and someone creates a listing looking for a plumber in around Dallas then we automatically send you a text-message with the problem that person is having and the url to the listing.Likewise you can also market your local services were thousands can see it.

    Ok guys this was just the icing on the cake we have plenty of more features but this was just a small snippet.As stated earlier this is a start-up so we don't have much money but what were trying to build a list as the website will open soon. This list will be used to see if they're is any interest in our idea and for our opening day. We will never contact you except on our opening day and that is to tell you that were open and ready to start. The short list is found at the bottom of the page on Yisly it would be great if you can fill it out or like us on facebook or twitter; thanks for reading this.
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    It sounds like a very interesting service and I hope it goes very well for you. The idea of using the web to connect to people and businesses that are close to your Zip code is certainly an interesting one and it has the potential to appeal to a lot of people.

    Your "Sponsored ads" banner appears below the site name / logo, would it be possible to move that banner to the right of the logo?

    Do you have any security procedures in place, to protect users from any potential dangers associated with sharing their location online?

    Will your service be restricted to those who live in the US?

    Good luck with the project, it sounds very exciting and I hope it will be hugely successful for you.

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