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    I need some advice about new investment and its management in my small business. My financial partner wants to sell his complete share for the half prices. He wants to quit from the business we started together. I want another investor to purchase his share. If the comany, for examples, has a worth of $50 thousand and he's selling this share for $25 thousand, what would be the share of the new investor if he purchases this $25 thousand share? Actual value of the company is $50 thousand. My previous partner has advised me to benefit from what he's losing.

    If I have other business opportunities in the future in the same business because of increasing my products range and I need other investors, how shall I distribute the profit. Is it advisable to involve other investors in the future in the same company or I should calculate their profit for each of the products they've invested. What would be the benefit of the company then?

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