5 ways to improve your Facebook Fan Page. Learn how to ‘Enhance and Engage’

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    Are you looking for fresh ideas to improve your Facebook page? When I started, I sure did. I would have days that I did not know what to post on my fan page. This was a real problem as Facebook updates became an important part of my communications strategy.

    Below are 5 ideas to use good content for your Facebook Fan Page.

    1. Alltop

    Struggling for ideas? Then go to Alltop.com. This website reminds me of a magazine rack at your local newagency. The purpose of the site is to keep you update to date as to what is happening in your niche. They loads of great material, make sure that you check it out.

    2. Contests

    Contest are a great way to engage to new and existing fans. There are many different apps already on the market and there are new ones being developed every day. Make sure that you give your contest the planning it deserves before jumping in.

    3. Facts and being Helpful

    I personally like to share facts and figures as these seem to inspire conversations on my page. Quite easy to find, just do a Google search on ‘10 facts….’ on your niche and you will be surprised of the information that you’ll find. Also look for things that might benefit your community. Maybe there is a conference coming up and give them the link to save $100. These types of updates always will get good feedback from your audience.

    4. Tagging

    Tagging is really powerful. Did you know you can tag your updates by including the [email protected] symbol before a friends name. Your friend will receive a notification and a wall post linking them to your post. All your friend friends’ will see your status update too.

    5. Keywords

    Keywords are the most powerful feature of all online content. Make sure that you use the ‘About’ box and place your keywords as close to the top. Remember you have on 250 characters, make them work for you.

    Facebook is a powerful vehicle to create a memorable experience. What other ideas can you add to this list? I can provide you plenty more, just check out my fan page.
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    Thanks for sharing such useful tips but it's really expensive in my country as i need a huge budget to start thinking about it , and that's what always keep me away from ads :(

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    Thanks for sharing. Good and useful post. Will send this information to my social media experts, to check if we are using this already

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