5 tips to improve your career by smartphones or mobile sites

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    1. Figure out what can be done best on which screen.
    Although all the app functionality that's out there, computers more convenient to do some things like writing a CV, cover letter. Line and paragraph spaces will be clear, and it will be easier to proofread. After ending, you save a copy of your profile/resume on the smartphone. Then, if you apply for a job from an app, you can attach the full document.
    2. Research by mobile sites and apps.

    Let use mobile sites and apps to search for new positions in the leisure, understand more about potential employers and grab with news relevant to your job search.
    3. Take advantage of utility apps.
    Many useful apps that can be used to increase your productivity when job hunting. For instance, Evernote app helps you follow anything and to make notes to yourself about people you've just met at a networking meeting.
    4. Beware of your app's limitations.
    It’s always good for you to personalize the invites to link with someone on LinkedIn, but it’s impossible on the mobile app and instead sends an automatic message on your behalf. Keep following of people with whom you want to set a connection on your phone, but wait to make the approach until you are at a computer and can personalize it.
    5. Beware of your phone's limitations.

    Smartphones are wonderful but occasionally they incorrectly auto-correct your typing. To guarantee your writing, whether in applying for a job or thanking someone for interviewing you, doesn't appear to be clumsy or have incorrect spelling or word usage.
    Let share your experience of seeking job for everyone here ;)

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