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    5 Promotional Options For Gift Shop Sales

    Running a gift shop or other retail store can be pretty tough certain times of the year. Competition has always got you on your toes and making sure that you can keep up. Coming up with creative promotional options is one of the best ways to make sure that you keep the customers coming in and spreading the word about your products and service. In this article we will share 5 promotional options for gift shop sales that you can use to boost your income levels in the next quarter or holiday season.

    Offer a Freebie
    Offering a freebie usually always gets people interested in seeing what you have to offer. You could create a sale where if they buy one they get one free or you could merely just offer a giveaway to the first 50 customers or for an hour or two during the grand opening. This type of strategy will allow you to still retain a profit and not give too much away while still serving the purpose of bringing in new customers.


    Collaborate with other Retailers
    You will not want to try to do business with a competing business but perhaps if you sell a lot of wedding gifts you could offer a coupon toward a purchase of silverware or crystal from the Specialty Shop next store and they can agree to offer a coupon towards a purchase at your store to their customers. Other retailers are always interested in sharing customers if there is no competition. With products that would blend well together, it makes for a decent win win situation for the both of you to increase your sales.

    Conduct a Workshop or Demonstration
    Saturdays are good for setting up a table outside your gift shop and running a demonstration. If your gift shop specializes in things such jewellery for special occasions, perhaps you could demonstrate how to clean the jewellery with solution. You could even offer a bottle or jar of the solution to anyone who purchases a product worth $50 or more.

    Send out a newsletter or email bulletin
    When your customers come in and purchase something from you, kindly ask them for their email and tell them that you would like to let them know when you are running specials or offering coupons they can print off and bring back in for items in your store. By staying in touch with them you will be able to become an expert in your industry and inform them of any pertinent information regarding products that may be beneficial to know.

    Get Active with a Charity Event
    There are many charities that would appreciate the help you could give if you were to hold an event at your gift shop. If you sell jewellery or toys at your shop, getting involved with a child's charity or even the cancer society will work well with your products and increase your exposure in the community. You could give away gift cards to your store to all those who donate money to help with the fundraiser. The more people in your neighbourhood who know about how you care, the more people will help share the word and bring traffic back to your door in the future.

    You will have a better chance of increasing your visibility and brand the more creative you can be when thinking up marketing and promotion ideas. Not all of them have to be a big expense although many such as the fundraising can also be a tax write off. You could also try investing in customized gift bags to offer your customers when they purchase something. This type of retail packaging will allow your customers to share your brand with those they come in contact with and do your speaking for you.

    Author Bio:
    Tiffany is a writer by profession. She loves to blog on various topics such as small business tips and tricks. If you want to know How to Improve Gift Shop Retail Sales, a creative idea can give you the success. Retail Packaging is one of that trick.
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