4 Useful Tips To Improve Page Rank And Domain Authority Of PrestaShop Store

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    Nowadays, driving optimum no. of traffic on PrestaShop website is the prior task that a webmaster or storeowner always want to perform. For that purpose, most of the merchants rely on the on-page and off-page techniques of optimization, but fact is that they don’t pay much attention to the outdated content, and practicing those optimization techniques which are no more productive for online store.
    So in order to find out whether online website is having better ranking in search engines, Page-Rank (PR) and Domain Authority are the key parameters that determine the power of website also they estimate about the performance of website in SERPs.
    Domain Authority: Overall, Domain Authority is the no. of external links that backlinks to targeted domain, in this respect Domain-Name and website’s no. of pages are the major factors that influence Domain Authority.
    Page-Rank: Whereas PR is a Google’s quality metric, that ranges from 0 to 10, Google ranks the page on the basis of authority, importance and reliability on the web, it should be noted that this metric doesn’t impacts search engine ranking of website.

    Why Both Domain Authority And PR Are Important:

    Having a sound domain authority makes your domain an authoritative source of information for the niche your PrestaShop store intends to optimize. Page-Rank is important to index the maximum no. of website pages in the Google search engine. Therefore, increase in Domain Authority and PR benefits with the growth of financial reserves of online business.
    Some expert domain moderators suggests that you should offer premium services on websites that have been matured and attained significant authority after the passage of certain time period, as an older website has may possess greater no. of backlinks, in case of valuable website.

    How Both Affect Web-store:

    Generally, search engines prefer old domains against new ones because they consider them more trustworthy. As old domains are enriched with popularity, credibility and greater size of web-domain which new domains does not undergoes, in this way Domain Authority affects web-store. However, PR does not have direct impact on ranking to a certain extent it indirectly matters to website rank.

    Tips To Improve Domain Authority

    Submit Guest Posts:
    Submitting a guest post on a popular website related with the targeted niche, it precisely enables you to extend your reach to other group of customers. A guest post increases the visibility of brand, along with increase the traffic on the business website. While posting a guest post on domain, you should ensure that web-store should relate to your website’s niche otherwise post wouldn’t help in the ranking of online store. It should be also ensured that guest post contains only relevant information, which tempts viewers to click due to usefulness of stuff. Thus, it increases the popularity of website that eventually gives rise to domain authority.

    Make Use Of Infographics:

    Infographics retains visual attraction that the viewers without the help of colors and content stuffing. It should be ensured that infographics contain useful, relevant and up-to-date content, such element should also be shared on social channels. Infographics increases the probability of getting more traffic on PrestaShop store, as it amplifies the no. of visitors and backlinks that ultimately lifts domain authority on Ecommerce website.

    Utilize Presentations to Build Authority:

    PowerPoint presentations are one of the ways that assists you in showcasing the features of brand. While establishing presentations it should be ensured that it only concentrates only on featuring the traits of products and valuable information of readers. It should be kept in mind that idea behind submitting the presentations on sites like SlideShare, YouTube etc. that it should encourage your clients to visit website to read complete information of product.

    Make Use Of Social Media:

    Social channels are the best platform that assists in finding potential customers. If you intend to boost the demand of brand and visibility of PrestaShop based website, then social networks will be the right choice that links to your website with social media profile. Visiting the homepage of eminent profile shows buttons that redirects you to the profile build on channels like FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ and many more. Thus it is the most legitimate to link business website with the social profiles.
    Like other authority building measures, the social profiles should also be specific to the niche of targeted domain. The social account should contain updated post that attracts viewers easily and it eventually builds authority of domain.

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