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Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by dahlia84, Jul 16, 2011.

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    First of all, thanks to BAF!! I am a longtime member of BAF and have won some competition held by BAF during the earlier stages. Thanks to Fergal! I am here now to sell one of my services. Hoping to get good responses and here goes the sales thread ... lol

    Cheapest Manual Social Bookmarking service ever! starting from $4 only

    Available Packages:

    120+ Social Bookmarks for >> $4 only
    220+ Social Bookmarks for >> $8 only
    320+ Social Bookmarks for >> $12 only
    420+ Social Bookmarks for >> $16 only
    520+ Social Bookmarks for >> $20 only

    If you are planning for bulk orders then let me know, we can work out on some discounts.

    Payment Methods: Paypal


    Once you have placed the order (that is, sent the payment). Reply to this thread with the Unique Transaction ID and PM me with the below details:

    1. URL
    2. Description
    3. Title
    4. Keywords (Max 5)
    5. Your email to send the report
    Note: Multiple Titles and Descriptions are allowed

    Please do not ask for any free review copies because I am doing manual submission unlike other services where they use some software to automate things. So, to submit a 120+ package manually it takes me 3+ hours. Thanks for your understanding!
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    Thanks for posting your ad here dahlia84, it's good to see you back on Business Advice Forum.

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