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Thread: 400 BAF for 2 months free hosting on our Advanced Plan!

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    400 BAF for 2 months free hosting on our Advanced Plan!

    Firstly, check our Advanced Plan features/pricing out!

    I'm offering 2 months free hosting on our Advanced Plan in return for 400 BAF.

    About the offer:
    You'd have to sign up to our client area, which only takes a minute or two.
    Once you've signed up, head back over here and donate the BAF cash and PM me with your account information (at our client area).
    When I have received the BAF cash, I will add 2 month's free hosting to your account, which will be on our Advanced Plan (normally 3.99 a month!).
    You will be given 24/7 online support and access to our support ticketing system which is integrated into our billing system.

    PLEASE NOTE: We offer the option to register a domain with us, however if you wish to use a current domain, send in a support ticket and we'll give you our nameservers to point your domain at.

    Hopefully it interests you!

    Ryan - Sales Rep

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    well thank U

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