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Thread: What is page jacking?

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    What is page jacking?

    Hello friends,

    Any one describe the best answer..........what is page jacking?

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    It is negative SEO strategic. I found the following article.

    Page hijacking is a form of search engine index spamming. It is achieved by creating a rogue copy of a popular website which shows contents similar to the original to a web crawler, but redirects web surfers to unrelated or malicious websites. Spammers can use this technique to achieve high rankings in result pages for certain key words.
    Page hijacking is a form of cloaking, made possible because some web crawlers detect duplicates while indexing web pages. If two pages have the same content, only one of the URLs will be kept. A spammer will try to ensure that the rogue website is the one shown on the result pages.

    Pagejacking is stealing the contents of a Web site by copying some of its pages, putting them on a site that appears to be the legitimate site, and then inviting people to the illegal site by deceptive means - for example, by having the contents indexed by major search engine s whose results in turn link users to the illegal site.,00.html

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