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Thread: Ultimate SEO - When a brand name become generic keywords

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    Ultimate SEO - When a brand name become generic keywords

    10 years back when we try to find something online, we will refer to search engine. Now, we mention "Google it" for answer.

    When a brand name become generic keywords, it is very hard for other site website or brand take over it. Below are the successful brand which take over generic keywords. If you know more share here.

    Search engine = Google

    Video = Youtube

    PC = Windows OS

    Encyclopedia = wikipedia

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    I agree with you !!

    Shopping - Ebay / Amazon

    Review - Reseller Rating

    Domain - Godaddy
    Strategic partner with Start-up Company

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    There is no question that a large market share and a strong brand identity reinforce each other. You can add Facebook and Twitter to your list as well. However, companies must continue to innovate and deliver value to their customers or both the brand and the market share will start to fade.

    I've been using the Internet for almost 20 years and I can remember when Alta Vista came on the scene and was a tremendous advance in what was then a very nascent search engine world. It seemed like Alta Vista had the search engine market locked up. It was so far ahead of its competitors. But within a year or two, I was using HotBot and the All The Web. Although each was better than the prior one, you could get very different results using different search engines, so I did use them all but it wasn't long before Alta Vista was merely a memory.

    Although it is hard to imagine, if Google isn't constantly tweaking its algorithm to deliver the very best search results, someone else will come along and take its place. If low quality sites are able to consistently game Google's system to climb ahead of more useful websites, Google knows that someone, somewhere will figure a way to deliver better results.

    The same is true for all of the companies you have listed. They have a great position today, but so did MySpace before Facebook knocked it off its pedestal. and Furl were the bookmaking champs before StumbleUpon, Digg and now reddit came along. And let's not forget the most dominate of them all: AOL (formerly America Online). It was synonymous with the Internet for many users in the 1990's. Its dial in service was how they accessed the internet; its email was how they communicated (no real texting or twitter back then); its content was how they got their news, information and entertainment; its forums and chat rooms were how people built community; and its search engines were how people found other websites. By 2000, it was so important that Time Warner valued AOL at more than $160 BILLION in a merger and even renamed the company AOL Time Warner. Today, AOL doesn't lead in any of those areas.

    Of course, the fleeting nature of a strong brand and large market share aren't limited to the Internet. General Motors once was on top of the automotive world and took its eye off the ball, losing both market share and brand luster to Japanese manufacturers like Toyota and Honda. CBS was by far the dominate name in television news and entertainment. Sears really was "Where America Shops" long before Walmart came to town. The list goes on and on. Brands that were once leaders are now after-thoughts or, in some cases like airlines PanAm and TWA, are completely gone.

    Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are all on top of the world right now, but they need to watch their backs. There is always another competitor or a new technology just around the corner.
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    Hahaha... this is a very funny insight but definitely true!

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    Just adding, probably. Well, kinda true. Most people get to create confusions now - though they are not actually realizing it right away. Others even call refrigerators a FRIDGE which is a colloquially term for it.

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