Hi everyone, as of today Only Black Ink is up and running, so, what is it we do?

As a specialist in NCR printing, we have adapted and changed the way we produce our goods this is to keep costs down and make production more efficient. Forms are printed with a white top sheet and a tinted sheet for each additional part, creating a set, these tinted sheets are show below. As you will see a standard paper colour sequence will be used for the sheets in each set.

Our forms are supplied in a range of sizes, which means that all sets are numbered, perforated and stitched in book format, with the spine binded by black tape, so that you just tear off the copies for distribution, leaving the remaining copies to be detached at your convenience.

Printing is Black only to face, same image to all sheets. Every book includes stitching, perforating, numbering (in black) and a wraparound writing shield.

A tried and tested way for filling in forms and keeping records, our Multi-part sets in Book form make it easier to run your Business or Business's, whether it be Invoices, Delivery Notes, any Business Form that needs duplicate, triplicate or more copies then these are ideal for you.

Do take a look at our website, we deliver all over the uk. - http://ncrprinters.co.uk

Also for a limited time only when you order from us, we will give you 250 custom business cards for free!!!

Thanks for reading,
Only Black Ink,

Note (We will keep you updated from here with more offers and fantastic deals!)