Consultancy services to setup
5000 liter per day Milk Processing Plant
in India

Offering turnkey solutions to setup 5000 liter per day milk processing plant producing varied milk products.


Total Raw Milk Handling per day: 5,000 liter per day
Average Composition of Raw Milk: Fat 6.5%, SNF 8.5%


Desi Ghee: 150 kg per day in 500 gm & 1 kg packing
Sterilized Flavored Milk: 100 liter per day in 200 ml glass bottles
Sterilized Cream: 100 liter per day in 200 ml packing
Dahi (Yoghurt): 100 liter per day in 100 ml and 200 ml cups
Industrial Casein: 125 kg per day in 25 kg craft paper bags
Low Fat sterilized Paneer: 100 kg per day in 100 gm & 200 gm tins
Khoa (Mawa): 250 kg per day

  • Skim Milk will be utilized for manufacturing Industrial Casein
  • Double Tonned Milk (1.5% FAT & 8.5% SNF) for Paneer, Chenna, Mozzarella-cheese, Sterilized Flavoured Milk
  • Tonned Milk (3% FAT and 8.5% SNF) for Yoghurt (Dahi)

How we could serve you? Manufacturing varied milk products, at desired quality level, is like exercising stage management techniques, which needs specialized skills. Please refer our thread where we have worked for 20000 liter per day milk processing plant. Here production process is relatively simple and selling ghee and standardized milk is assured & easy. However ensuring availability of 20000 liter milk per day is challenging task. With the proposed 5000 LPD processing plant, raw milk could be ensured partly by establishing own 100-cow dairy farm ( and partly by purchasing raw milk from others. However you need expertise to process and sell varied milk products to respective target markets. We could serve you in following areas:

  • Planning for and its sourcing desired production & packing line equipments. It is not necessary that all products will be processed uniformly as described above. Depending upon needs for sale and inventory level we should be able to produce desired quantity of products.
  • Technical know-how, process flow and production method for each products and how to maintain prescribed quality standards. This will be in writing and part of our detailed project report. At the time of commissioning of plant & machineries our engineer will stay and guide your staffs to take this responsibility on their own.
  • Blue Print Layout along with Construction Cost Estimate. Land should be minimum 10000 square foot easily accessible by road. We will arrange necessary quotations for main production & packing line equipments. We will arrange necessary quotations for other assets e.g. vehicle, generator set, lab equipments, office furniture, electrical fittings, other equipments, etc.
  • Bankable project report along with concerned documents. It will be original piece of work. In fact standard project report as normally sold in the market lacks uniqueness. Bank managers are flooded with project reports everyday. They quickly judge the quality of project by scanning project reports being submitted. We donít want you to be harassed through answering flurry of questions by bank authorities hence will prepare sanction-able project report for you.
  • Necessary guidelines for negotiating with banks, particularly issues relating to collateral security and margin money by entrepreneur. We have successfully chalked out these issues and will share the appropriate strategy to you too. As a reference to your concerned branch manager we will inform where we have successfully executed proposed project.
  • Finally code of standard management practices. This will help you to maintain daily accounting records, recruitment of staffs, maintaining quality check at different levels and for enhancement of sales on continuous basis.

Ordering and payment: Our services are available for nominal fee, many clients are worried for it. We donít want to disclose price here itself. We want to associate with serious entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs should not be concerned for price of project report, rather they should be bothered for establishing and running successfully their business venture. To order our services please reply through PM informing your complete particulars (you have to register and login in this forum).