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New Member, from Dublin, Ireland, Ireland

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Mar 19, 2015
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    >>>> kept busy in http://ibiz-talk.comI am just a mysterious being who likes to take mysterious undercover to see everything what others cannot...I GIVE ONLY ONCE MY FULL TRUST TO A CERTAIN PERSON WHO I THINK WORTHY. ONCE TRUST IS BROKEN, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO MAKE IT UP AGAIN. YOU CAN NEVER BRING IT BACK AGAIN WHAT IT STARTED. KAYA, KUNG NAPILI KITANG PAGKATIWALAAN, WAG MONG SAYANGIN...SOME THINGS YOU'D EXPECT FROM ME*dont take to impress me as i never believed such words come from the me the real you by never pretending you do what you can't...*let me appreciate you on simpler things you do but the greatest thing for me...*let me tell you the truth from my perspective of you...dont disregard it, else you wont learned what i have learned from others...*i always appreciate suggestions, great ideas from the brilliant minds, whatever it is, dont hesitate to raise any as it will progress to both you and me...*i love to write poems to my friends...if you received one from me, that means i have seen something in you which is enough for me to treasure you...*never approach me too aggressive else I won't ever turn to you neither call me cursed words as I'll make sure you'll be cursed back...*always be polite when talking to me though its nice to be humorous but make sure they won't offend me (be decent as possible)...*learn to appreciate small things so i could see how great are you...*i have much patience and it takes years for me to get mad but never ever challenge my patience as once i get mad and break my trust to you, it takes decade for me to trust you back....*if you have something to say tell that to me straight, talk intelligently; never ever talk about your problem with me behind my back,i would appreciate confrontations to solve disputes ...*flexible personality is my mantra, if you dont agree w/ me i will respect that else you'll find me supporting you...*if you chose me to be your enemy then i will be your friend in secret...*don't be a hypocrite to always appreciate me,intelligent criticism would rather be appreciable than pretensions...

    Harry Potter Harry Potter, Harry Potter (film series) Charice, R & B, Kyle's Piano, Taylor Swift, ib